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Home Alone: How to Deal with Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Does your dog become destructive, bark incessantly or otherwise misbehave when left alone? If so, it could be suffering from separation anxiety. Separation anxiety in dogs often manifests itself in rowdy behaviour such as barking, digging, destroying furniture or...

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What Vaccines Does my Kitten Need?

So you have just adopted a kitten and have purchased a cat bed for it to snuggle in, a cat tree for it to clamber about and claw on, a litter box together with kitty litter for it to do its business, and have stocked up on an assortment of tasty kitten foods to ensure...

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What to Do if Your Dog is Hit by a Car

Dogs and cars do not mix well. Special care needs to be taken when walking your dog near any road, particularly a busy one that gets a lot of traffic. Some dogs are inclined to chase cars (a moving target that puts their prey drive into first gear), and a dog gnashing...

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Most Common Litter Box Issues and How to Fix Them

From time to time, for apparently no reason, a cat may start doing its business outside of the litter box. There may be an underlying medical issue such as an urinary infection or bladder stones that is causing this change of behaviour; it may also be stress-related...

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Tips for Puppy Proofing Your Home

Planning on introducing a new puppy to your family? Before you bring you new pup home you will need to ensure that your home is puppy proof and safe for your new addition. The following tips will help you to proactively prevent any problems from arising when your new...

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Feline Urinary Problems & Why They Are Life Threatening

Urinary tract infections are common in cats. However, while kidney and bladder infections frequently occur, many urinary tract issues in cats are not related solely to infections, but also to blockages from urinary crystals and stones.Male cats are particularly...

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Breathing Problems in Cats: Signs, Causes & Treatment

Cats of all ages and breeds can experience breathing difficulties, which can be life threatening if not treated by a veterinarian in good time. Diseases or issues that affect the functioning of the respiratory system, or the part of the brain that controls respiratory...

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Everything you Need to Know About Worms in Dogs

Dogs are prone to several different types of intestinal parasites, with roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms being the most common. Let's learn a little more about the different types of intestinal worms found in dogs, their symptoms, and how to protect your...

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Feline Herpes: Is it as Scary as it Sounds?

Is your cat showing signs of poor health, with runny eyes and nose, constantly sneezing, together with a poor appetite and general lack of energy? Chances are it may have feline herpes, a common cause of 'cat flu' symptoms. What exactly is feline herpes? Feline...

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“Pets are our family. The connection that we share with our furry friends brings us years of love, joy and companionship. Being educated on pet health is the key to ensuring this friendship lasts as long as possible.”

-Dr Claire Stevens

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