The Ultimate Puppy Parent Program

Enrolment Agreement

Course Fees

  1. By accepting these terms and conditions, you (the Participant) agree to pay the Course Fees for the Course via Stripe or other payment gateway agreed to by us from time to time.
  2. If the Participant is under 18, the parent/guardian is responsible for the payment of the Course Fees.
  3. Course Commencement is the date upon which we receive the Course Fees in full.
  4. The Participant accepts that he/she is required to pay the full amount of the Course Fees even if he/she does not complete the Course.
  5. Participants will not receive a Certificate of Completion of the Course until we receive the Course Fees in full.
  6. Subject to clause 9, to the extent permitted by Australian Consumer Law and any other relevant law, Course Fees are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Course Duration

  1. The approximate duration of the Course is 10 hours.

Course Cancellation

  1. We reserve the right to cancel the Course because of low registration or events beyond our control.
  2. In the unlikely event of cancellation, participants will be notified and offered the option to receive a full refund.

Course Materials

  1. Course Materials, including all content and assessment, are subject to change.
  2. Course Materials are provided online via our Learning Management System (LMS), or via alternative means advised by us from time to time.
  3. The Participant understands and accepts that the LMS may occasionally be unavailable during scheduled maintenance.
  4. The Course Materials, including copyright and all other such intellectual property rights contained therein, is owned or authorised for use by us.
  5. You may not download, reproduce or share any part of the Course Materials without our prior written consent.
  6. The Participant understands that downloading, reproducing or sharing with any other person the Course Materials would amount to a breach of intellectual property rights, and we will have the right to take action against you for breach of contract, as well as breach of statute and common law.
  7. Printed Course Materials are available for purchase. Charges, additional to the Course Fees, will apply.


  1. The Participant will be issued with a username and password for access to the LMS.
  2. The Participant agrees to keep this username and password secure.
  3. The Participant agrees to keep this username and password and confidential, and will not share it with any other person.
  4. The Participant will immediately notify us of any security or confidentiality breach relating to the username and/or password.
  5. The Participant understands and agrees that if we become aware of any security or confidentiality breach involving the Participant, we may solely at our discretion either:
    1. revoke the Participant’s access to the LMS; or
    2. issue a new username and password for the Participant’s ongoing access to the LMS.
  6. In addition to clause 12 (a), the Participant understands and agrees that we will revoke the Participant’s access to the LMS at the earliest of:
    1. issuance of the Certificate of Completion of the Course;
    2. breach of clause 5;
    3. breach of clause 26 (c);
    4. breach of clause 26 (e);
    5. failure of any revised assessment;
    6. six (6) months of inactivity by the Participant; or
    7. twelve (12) months from Course Commencement.
  7. Revocation of access to the LMS constitutes termination of this agreement.

Course Facilitator

  1. The usual Course Facilitator will be Claire Stevens.
  2. We reserve the right to substitute the Course Facilitator in the unlikely event that the Course Facilitator cannot conduct the Course or any part of the Course.
  3. Substitution of the Course Facilitator is not a cause for refund.

Certificate of Completion

  1. Subject to clauses 5 and 26 (b), we will provide an electronic Certificate of Completion within 30 days of completion of the Course by the Participant.
  2. We provide no warranty that any result or objective can or will be achieved or attained at all or by any date.

Participant Obligations

  1. The Participant will:
    1. Ensure that all the information provided to us is accurate;
    2. Notify us of any changes to the Participant contact particulars, including email, telephone number, and address.
    3. Not submit or claim as their own any assessment which has been copied or derived from another source or completed by another person.
    4. Be civil and respectful to the Course Facilitator and our other employees and agents, including in all telephone calls, emails, texts, social media posts and instant chats.
    5. Not, under any circumstances, use abusive language towards or harass the Course Facilitator or our other employees and agents.
    6. We reserve the right to determine, at our sole discretion, what constitutes abusive language and harassment, and where that has occurred. Any decision will be final, and not subject to appeal.

Participant Privacy

  1. In signing up for a Course, we require you to provide a certain amount of your personal data.
  2. We will make reasonable efforts to keep your personal data secure and to ensure that any of our employees or agents who have access to your personal data do not make any unauthorised use, modification, reproduction or disclosure of that personal data.
  3. We will only disclose your personal data:
    1. to the extent specifically required by law; or
    2. for the purposes of this agreement.
  4. Your personal data is considered confidential and will not be sold.
  5. We may use de-identified (using only your initials and your city) content from your emails related to course outcomes and student experiences in our marketing materials and on our website testimonials page.
  6. We will send you periodic newsletters.


  1. We are always looking to improve our Course. If you would like to provide feedback or file a complaint regarding the Course, please email us. Grievances are taken very seriously and will be addressed in a timely and thoughtful manner.


  1. This agreement contains the whole agreement in respect of the subject matter of the agreement.
  2. The Participant confirms that s/he has not entered into this agreement on the basis of any representation that is not expressly incorporated into this agreement.
  3. If any provision of this agreement is prohibited by law or judged by a court to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, the provision will, to the extent required, be severed from this agreement and rendered ineffective as far as possible without modifying the remaining provisions of this agreement, and will not in any way affect any other circumstances of or the validity or enforcement of this agreement.
  4. This agreement takes effect, is governed by, and will be construed in accordance with the laws from time to time in force in Queensland, Australia. The Participant submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland.