THE Ultimate
Puppy Parent

What is Dr Claire’s Ultimate Puppy Parent Program?

The UPP program is a 10 module, video-based training program which provides the answers to all your burning puppy questions and anxieties.

Dr Claire has supported thousands of puppy owners just like you, whether you’re a first-time dog owner or you’ve done this many times before. This course presents the latest veterinary recommendations for puppy care and advice, so you can be the ultimate puppy parent for your dog.

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Why this course?

Getting a puppy is exciting but also daunting. When you finally get to bring your puppy home it will need a lot more care and attention than an adult dog. It’s also is a big deal for a puppy – not just the strange environment and new people, but if it comes straight from a breeder, it is away from its mother and littermates for the very first time. There is a lot for you to do and learn and many well-meaning puppy parents get it wrong, creating behavioural or even health problems that can go on for years. This course provides you with the latest veterinary recommendations for puppy care delivered by practicing vet, Dr Claire Stevens.

What You Get

The Ultimate Puppy Parent Course is an online, fully comprehensive, science-backed, 10 module course created especially for puppy owners.

It includes:

Get Educated About 10 Pillars of Ultimate Puppy Parenting

The Right Breed for You

First Health Check

Puppy Nutrition

Pens & Crate Training

House Training & Puppy Proofing

Socialisation & Desensitisation

Sick Puppies – Common Health Problems

Vaccinations, Worming & Tick/Flea Treatments

Desexing Puppies

Barking, Biting & Separation Anxiety

Plus bonus checklists, road maps and other resources.