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I’m a veterinarian, mum and dog lover. And after owning three veterinary practices for a good chunk of my career I decided I needed to challenge myself in new ways, and that led me to become an author and presenter.

In a nutshell: I was born and raised in Far North Queensland, I am an obsessive learner and creator who spends time either upskilling veterinarians or working on awesome projects for fellow animal lovers.

As a Mum of little ones, I am passionate about the importance of kids being active and outdoors and promoting literacy in schools – both of which I have found can be achieved with dogs! I volunteer for Story Dogs Australia and donate a portion of all purchases to support therapy dogs and Aussie children. I’m currently based on the Gold Coast and the proud Veterinary Ambassador of Hypro Premium Dog Food.

I love educating both veterinary professionals and animal lovers. I am honoured to be a recognised CPD provider by the Australian Veterinary Association and that my dog Frankie has recognised me as the best doggie Mum she’s ever had.


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