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Dr. Claire Stevens

Dr. Claire Stevens

Dr. Claire Stevens graduated from Veterinary School at The University Of Queensland in 2009. She has been a practicing small animal veterinarian for almost 10 years and has practiced in Australia, the UK, and South Africa. Her interest in the environment and both domestic and wild animals led to postgraduate studies in Veterinary Public Health at The University of Sydney. Dr. Claire Stevens later became the Veterinary Director and Business Partner in three different Small Animal Veterinary Clinics across Northern NSW and Gold Coast Areas in Australia.

She is a mother of two, and her family is living between South Africa and Australia. She loves all things animal and nature. Her philosophy is life’s too important to be taken seriously!


Having owned three veterinary clinics in the Gold Coast area, Claire is not only passionate about small animal medicine but also entrepreneurship.

CPD Provider

As an Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) approved trainer, Claire endeavours to further develop communication and consultation skills within the veterinary profession.

Social Media Influencer

With over 15k followers on Instagram, Claire seeks to not only educate pet owners in the consult room but online as well.

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