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My Story

Far North Queensland was the backdrop to most of my childhood. It’s such a beautiful place, but man it could get pretty lonely. I longed for a companion… we had chickens wandering around the garden which I loved, but my heart was set on a puppy!

I begged my parents constantly, and finally when I was around 9 years old the nagging worked.

Sasha entered my life.

Sasha was my bestie, my confidante, my sidekick. It was me and her against the world. She was the most beautiful pooch!

Pretty soon after we got Sasha my parents got a yacht and we set off a sailing trip around Australia. Mum, Dad, me and Sash! While other girls my age were having princess parties, I was getting home schooled, exploring the Australian coastline and hanging out with Sash.

That’s when I knew I’d be a vet. My special bond with Sasha showed me at a young age the impact a pet can have on someone’s life. The connection we had shaped my childhood, my career and the rest of my life.

Pets really are the most wonderful friends. As a mum I’m so excited about the positivity that animal relationships will bring to my own kids, just as they did for me.

My Philosophy

I’ve been a practising vet for over ten years now, and I’m still fascinated by the beautiful connections and love shared between pets and their owners.

As companions, pets are the most reliable and reassuring friends we could have. They can have enormous positive effects on our general well-being, and the love between us and them is captivating and special.

Working on the frontline in practice and as a trainer for vets to improve their consultation skills, my passion for this industry just keeps on growing.

I see so many opportunities for vets to be even more brilliant than they are by developing their communication skills. Connecting on an emotional level with pet owners in the consult room is essential in providing first class veterinary care. It’s something that’s often overlooked in our training, and it’s something I want to really help spread through the industry.

As well as my commitment to pets enjoying long, happy and healthy lives, I’m also super passionate about community and connection. Us animal lovers got to stick together! I'm based on the Gold Coast and the proud Veterinary Ambassador of Hypro Premium Dog Food.


  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science – The University of Queensland
  • Certificate of Veterinary Public Health – The University of Sydney
  • Master Certificate in Business and Communication Skills – The Coaching Institute, Melbourne

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