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Every practice has one, the popular vet, the vet that clients line up for and rave about. And interestingly, these vets are usually not the most experienced or specialised. But what they are is good communicators.

You may have noticed they are often the happiest vets too. So what’s going on here?

When I bought my first vet clinic, about 6 years ago, I set out to practice good veterinary medicine and grow my business. Thankfully the more I consulted, the more the practice grew and it turned out to be one of my biggest successes. And that was with no training in communication or consultation skills what so ever (maybe one lecture in 4th year). But I was able to connect with pet owners and build trust.

But, I tell you what, I could have done it a lot better if I knew what that I’m about to teach you in this course.

I think we can all agree there are two things we all want out of our careers as veterinary professionals.

1) To be happy

2) To be paid fairly

And over the years I’ve learned you can achieve both these things through developing your communication and consultation skills. By mastering the art of consultations you get better business outcomes (this might be better KPI’s if your an employee or ROI if you’re a practice owner). Clients will listen, pets will get better and I truly believe with all of that, you will feel more fulfilled in this profession.

Just look around you, the formula is simple.

Competent Vet (you’re already that) + Good Communicator = Happy Days

Over the last five or so years I’ve honed down on what it takes to run an excellent consultation and I have also been on a personal journey to find more satisfaction in my job.

From the hours and hours of conversations I’ve had with veterinary colleges (and many consulting nurses), these are the common struggles:

  • Understanding how to connect with all people, even the difficult ones
  • Structuring the consultation so it flows; despite kids screaming, dogs crapping on the floor and owners are showing you a new blog they found online.
  • Dealing with aggressive clients
  • Having difficult conversations and breaking bad news
  • Being empathetic towards cultural differences (this is about being sensitive to people’s values, ideas and beliefs).
  • Getting feedback, giving feedback and developing emotional intelligence
  • Dealing with lists of problems that never end (in a 15 min time slot and growing waiting room)
  • Reading your client’s mind (you’ll be surprised, most of them are thinking the same thing).
  • Delivering complex medical information simply without overwhelming your client
  • Getting people to return for rechecks and actually comply to your recommendations
  • Finding strength in the dark times. When you’re absolutely over it, burnt out, finished and you see no future in the profession.

If you have experienced these challenges – join the club!

Let’s start thinking differently.



A 5 module AVA-approved online course worth 10 vet ed CE points (10 hours of learning)




For better business and better satisfaction in the profession. My course teaches vets how to run excellent consultations and communicate/connect with pet owners.

Ultimately – better communication means happier vet, happier client, healthier patients.


Coming in April 2020!


$720 AUD

Interested in creating a personal brand like I have?

Wow, do you have any idea how rare you are? If writing a book, being the go-to expert in media, creating an online course or getting paid partnerships with brands is something that interests you, then we need to talk!

When I started creating my brand I emailed a number of ‘celebrity vets’ in this space looking for guidance and mentorship. Crickets, zero replied. So, I did it alone. It was hard I was self-conscious and I made a tonne of mistakes.

Because of that experience recently I decided to help others in that position. I offer limited spots (because its time consuming and you have to be committed) for one to one coaching sessions. If you are a vet, specialist, vet nurses or even better a forward-thinking vet student who wants to be ahead of the game and are serious about developing a brand – we are going to get along just fine.

Everyone starts with five sessions to discuss your options and define your strategy.

Session #1 What’s your story? Creating your personal brand.

Session #2 Over coming fear and self-consciousness

Session #3 The power of social media and videos

Session #4 Products – online courses, books, workshops, video series

Session #5 Branding Partnerships, what are they and how you get them!

Students can apply for further coaching after we’ve completed the first five sessions.


(Sounds like a lot? Apply what I teach you and you may earn that back in a day!)

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