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Probiotics for Dogs: What are they, and are they Effective?

Just as in humans, a dog’s largest organ of defence against infection lies in the gut, which contains nearly three-quarters of the body’s immune cells. It is therefore important to keep your pet’s digestive system working efficiently in order to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. Probiotics are a natural supplement


10 Home Remedies for a Healthy Pooch

Responsible pet ownership includes monitoring your pooch’s health and treating any ailments as they arise. But when it comes to minor ailments, natural remedies found in your garden, kitchen or bathroom cabinets, or sourced from your local health store, may offer a cost effective solution. Vets, myself included, tend to


Dogs Suffering in South Africa

The saying that a dog is a man’s best friend certainly rings true, but can the reverse also be said? For many of us, dogs are a dearly loved part of the family, but sadly, thousands of dogs across South Africa do not get treated with the love and respect


Are Farm Animal’s Sentient Beings?

Some lesser known facts about farm animals sets the record straight. All animals, from birds to bees and fishes to foxes and everything in-between have evolved mechanisms to survive life out in the wild. While having become domesticated over thousands of years, farm animals are no exception. They have behavioural needs that


Hi-tech Pets: Pet Ownership in the Digital Age

In this high-tech age of smart phones and smart homes equipped with a wide range of electronic gadgets that keep the whole family entertained for hours on end, it was only a matter of time before the trend extended to include our beloved pets. Smart technology allows us to monitor


I Just Ruffing Love You

Meet Sasha, my childhood dog. My world and her world were swirled together like different shades of paint for most of my junior years. Together we achieved orange and we were never going back to red and yellow. We slept side by side, adventured together and supported each other through